Important information about Netpal Games/PrizePopper.
You made a good move by clicking on the Stop Netpal Button. Many doll/aim/teen sites have Netpal Install Software on their pages. Netpal is also known as PrizePopper. We are trying to protect people and explain details about this program and what it really does to your computer.
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  • What is it?
    Netpal is an AdWare (Virus-like) program that lets other people know where you go online and displays popups on your computer. It also makes your computer slow and often causes it to crash.

    ALWAYS CLICK NO if you see a prompt that looks like the picture on the right.
    Always click <NO> button on this NetPal Installation dialog
    NetPal Installation dialog

    What does it do?
    - It installs adware on your computer. It sends the URLS of the sites you have visited to its controlling servers.
    - It opens lots of large pop ups when the controlling servers give the command to do that.
    - It causes stability problems while using internet explorer.
    - If there are email addresses configured in your outlook express, then they will be sent to Netpal, and Netpal will sell them for junk mail.

    How to get rid of it?
    The sites below provide detailed instructions on how to get rid of the adware and spyware on your computer.
  • The Doll Palace (Manual Article)
  • Parasite Description

    More information about NetPal from Antivirus vendors:
  • Pestpatrol Pestinfo
  • Symantec Security Response

    Adware/Spyware Removal Tools:
  • CNET
  • Tucows
  • ZDNet Software Library
  • ZDNet UK Downloads

  • Why do people have it on their sites?
    Webmasters put it on their sites and developers put it in their applications to earn money. This is the easiest, but the most cruel way to make money of the visitors and people that like their site. We do not want to take a part in this lie, we do not want to waste your time and abuse your computers by installing AdWare or Viruses.
    We say STOP NETPAL!!!

    Why is it such a big deal?
    Netpal pop ups are very annoying. When you go to a site that has it on them, you will have to click "no" 100 times over and over again. It takes away the fun visiting that site. Netpal installs adware on your computer and invades your privacy. We recommend ignoring NetPal sites to make sure your computer stays safe and to help webmasters realize what they've done wrong. It's important for everyone to know the dangers of Netpal, before installing it.

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    The more people join it, the more people will be informed about the dangers of the application.

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